Our Services

What we do

  • Civils
  • Testing, splicing and terminating optic fibre          
  • Duct integrity testing (7 way, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm)
  • Hauling of indoor and underground cables
  • Installation and maintenance of new and existing optic fibre networks
  • Hauling and/or floating of micro and conventional optic fibre (12-144 fibres)
  • Training and demonstrating of all optic fibre procedures
  • Surveying and estimating of new and existing optic fibre networks                
  • Erecting of aerial cables
  • Estimating and costing of new and existing buildings, shops and complexes for the laying of pipes and hauling of cables      
  • Optic fibre planning
  • Cabling of new and existing buildings
  • Erecting of optic fibre (overhead)
  • Telkom Survey & Planning

Our Partners

Companies we have contracted for

We have successfully contracted for the following companies:

  • Telkom SA Ltd
  • Eskom (OPGW Fibre)
  • Electric de Mozambique (OPGW Fibre)
  • Lesotho Telecoms
  • Lungisa VRG Telecommunications and Projects (Siemens and Plessey)
  • MTN (Ericsson and Bressan Civils)
  • Mauritius Telecom    
  • Ericsson (Madagascar)
  • Cable and Wireless (Seychelles)
  • Huawei Technologies Africa (Pty) Ltd (Malawi / Mozambique / South Africa)    
  • Nokia      
  • Omega Fibre    
  • Betarisk            
  • VH Fibre Optics  
  • VH Fibre Optics  
  • AcceleCorp
  • Linteg Technologies